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Overview on 30+ active Enterprise 2.0 Blogs

The best way of course to search for up-to-date Enterprise 2.0-News is to throw on the Google search engine. Another additional way is to use the Google Blog Search function as it specifically allows you to search through current Enterprise 2.0 news on the most common blogs available on this topic.
Topic Blogs (e.g. Enterprise 2.0 Blogs) have risen to an excellent way of getting a quick overview as well as a deeper understanding of a topic you have not known much about before. So for people who are new to the topic of Enterprise 2.0, for those who ar trying to get a deeper insight, and for those experts around searching for additional information there is a list below of the 30+ most common current Blogs related to Enterprise 2.0. Besides, many of these Blogs were used during the writing of my diploma thesis and in addition for the Enterprise 2.0 study 2010 by centrestage.

International Blogs:

German Blogs:
  • Centrestage Blog - Learning enabled business transformation by Joachim Niemeier and Martina Göhring
  •  7 Days and More - Notes on Emerging Technologies and Applications for Newmedia, innovative Enterprises and Business Excellence by Joachim Niemeier 
  • Einführungsstrategien von Enterprise 2.0 -  Strategien & Trends rund um die Themen Enterprise 2.0 & Social Media by Milos Vujnovic 
  • frogpond - Enterprise Collaboration Consulting by Martin Koser 
  • Business 2.0 - Center for Innovations in Business Processes by Andrea Back 
  • Human Network Competence - Communardo human network competence by various authors 
  • Besser 2.0 – Projektmanagement 2.0 – Das Web im Unternehmen. Gemeinsam einfach besser by various authors 
  • Rules of the Game -  Enterprise 2.0 by Frank Schönefeld
  • bwl zwei null – Blog on the Post Everything Economoy by Matthias Schwenk  
  • Change 2.0 – Neue Medien im Change-Management by University of Stuttgart 
  • Recht 2.0 - Web 2.0, Social Media & Recht by Carsten Ulbricht 
  • Personalmarketing2null - Infos & Trends aus der Welt des online-personalmarketings 
  • Enterprise-2.0-Blog - Denkanstöße zu Web 2.0 by Deloitte 
  • Mutimedia Blog - Informationen zu Multimedia und Gruppenblog der Studenten von der RFH Köln by Bernd Schmitz 
  • Kom-Blog – Blog für Kommunikation by Joachim Lindner 
  • doubleyuu – Unternehmensberatung Enterprise 2.0 by Willms Buhse 
  • Social Media - Injelea Blog Social Media by various authors 
  • Kooperationssysteme - Blog zum Buch Enterprise 2.0 – Planung, Einführung und erfolgreicher Einsatz von Social Software in Unternehmen” by Alexander Richter and Michael Koch 
  • Communixx – Forschung und Entwicklung rund um den Einsatz von Social Software, CSCW und Community-Unterstützung by various authors
  •  Knowledge Garden - Der Blog Rund ums Lernen und Wissensmanagement by Dieter Josten

Austrian Blogs:

Additional Link Lists:

Blogs about Enterprise 2.0 - by Henning Schürig
More Blogs about Enterprise 2.0 by Klaus-M. Schremser

When I find time I will try and bring structure into the list, maybe with additional information on user rates and categories. Please feel free to comment on additional Enterprise 2.0 Blogs you know of so we can enhance the list together


  1. Hier der Link zum IBM Blue Blog wo sich, wie ich finde, auch mal der ein oder andere Blick lohnt :-)

  2. vielen Dank @Assist_God! Wenn die Liste länger wird werd ich den Post ergänzen !


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