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Improving Talent and Skill Management with Social Media in an Enterprise 2.0

In order to start a Enterprise 2.0 initiative you have to first build up Social Media skills within the company says Ellen Trude from Bayer Business Services. Offer a workshop or an information presentation about your own experience and ways of using Web 2.0.  But in order to do that you have to define the target group first and what the targets are.

The idea behind “Enjoy Social Media” is to provide the users with enough Social Media Literacy so that they can act upon independently in the Web 2.0 environment. Here fore a Social Media Skill Matrix with the three layers “Knowledge”, “Skill” and “Approach“ has been developed, the project got approved and the budget provided in order to build a learning environment designed through workshops.

Social Media Education at Bayer formally consists of  a Project Skill Matrix, a learning environment, workshops and customized solutions as well as presentations. The learning environment consists hereby of the curriclum, standards fort the „virtual trainers“ and the platform itself. Furthermore it consists of five different learning steps separated into two different levels (Discoverer & Explorer). The  five learning steps according to the social technographics level  are:

  • Watch User Generated Content
  • Join User Generated Content
  • Collect & Share User Generated Content
  • Critic User Generated Content
  • Create User Generated Content


There are specific assignments to be fulfilled at each level for the participant/trainee with the Discoverer Level taking up to about 20 hours of time and the Explorer Level up to about 50 hours. The course is kept general for everyone and not specified to certain job positions so people can find out on their own how to use Social Media for their specific job purposes best.

The project has so far been established with several project partners working on technically setting up the learning environment in the “mixxt” community platform, developing webinars and training the moderators on how to instruct and lead the participants through the program. Additional partners are concerned with the facts of setting up a consistent literacy guide by adding “how-to” and “step by step” guides as well as more resources to the learning environment in order to make it easier for the participants to follow through the assignments. The role out of the platform is supposed to happen this year.

What do you think ? Is there a need of training your employees on how to use Social Media before they start doing it or do you think it is better to let everyone find out by him or herself?


Beneath you see a picture taken at the Enterprise 2,0 Summit 2010 of how the project looks like:


  1. Great Post! (I like the Ladder!)

    I think many companies are facing the challenge of how to leverage Social Media throughout their company. (i.e. beyond the usual areas of customer service & marketing/promotions)

    The 'journey' to leverage Social Media will be interesting. There will be a need to understand culture change management (see my blog for a quick overview: and it will be important to develop appropriate IT Policies to 'guide' employees to leverage social media for business purposes.

    Training will be key to teach employees WHAT to do & HOW to do it...along with WHY they should care (which will link it to their job role). Providing your employees the right training will accelerate exploiting the benefits of Social Media.

    Thanks, Anne Cauley

  2. Very true Anne. I think that the biggest question will be on HOW to prove to non experienced users the benefits of using Social Media or Social Software in general without them having the feeling that it is just one more thing they need to learn and use during business distracting them from their core activities.

    In fact, as we see at Porsche, who shut down the access to Facebook for their employees, the big challenge is to sensitize people on how to efficently use Social Media according to their job role without having them loose time on Facebook with non-business relevant activities.

  3. Milos, great post. Convincing the user to spend even a little time on an intranet or E2.0 tool is a tough job and in my experience must come from someone each employee believes understands how they spend their time - an IT guy, for example, will have less success than say a direct supervisor who can show how an E2.0 tool can improve day-to-day activities. This approach must be combined with meaningful training and activities designed to improve the relationship between employee and technology.

    Stewart Higgins
    Intranet Expert
    Intranet Software

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